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Active Rewards is the most dynamic lifestyle Rewards Program to reach Australia in the past decade.  Active Rewards is unlike any other loyalty program – there are no points, air miles, fly buys or confusing points conversions to confuse you – only real rewards in the form of CashBack Dollars (home currency) earned every time you shop at one of our Merchant Partners and present your Active Rewards card.

Active Rewards is the premier real-time Rewards Program - it is the most flexible and rewarding rewards program around because:

Your Rewards are earned as Cashback Rewards - yes real CashBacks - in Dollars or in your Home Currency - are credited to your account each and every time you present your Active Rewards loyalty card at any one of our participating merchant partners

Your Rewards are endless - even when you redeem your rewards you will continue to earn Cashback Rewards!  Endless Rewards is our commitment to you.

Your Rewards are immediate - Active Rewards can be redeemed almost immediately. You do not have to wait months, or even years to accumulate enough points to be eligible for redemption. Within 24 hours your rewards are loaded onto your account and are available for use.   

Your Rewards are limitless -  Your Active Rewards have no unrealistic time limits or use by dates to them. You get to enjoy the benfits of your rewards for as long as you remain an active member of the Active Rewards program.

One card does it all - with Active Rewards, just one card will give you access to rewards from a host of Active Rewards merchant partners. New partners will be participating soon.

Contact us now to find out more about how you can benefit from being an Active Rewards Member.

Active Rewards - actively rewarding your loyalty